ArkiTech's advertising model is pretty straightforward and user-friendly. Project leaders can leverage our advertising platforms, HoneyPot Checker, Guardian, BuyBot, and ChatMate, to boost visibility. We believe in simplicity and effectiveness, making our ad model accessible to all.

Why advertise on ArkiTech

Advertising in ArkiTech Advertising opens doors to a dedicated audience. Here are some key numbers to highlight its potential:

- The HoneyPot Checker, deployed across 2,500 groups and private chats, boasts a 2.5% advertising click-through rate and receives an average of 10,000 command requests daily.

- The Guardian portal safeguards over 23,500 groups and chats, generating an average of 30,000 sessions per day with a 2.9% advertising click-through rate.

- The BuyBot platform reaches a dedicated DeFi audience, providing project owners with an opportunity to enhance visibility.

With these statistics, investing in ArkiTech Advertising allows you to reach a growing audience, increasing your visibility within the DeFi community.

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