Requirements for participation

These are the requirements that apply to all Strategic Partners

  • Listed on CG (CoinGecko) and CMC: To qualify for our partnership program, a project must be listed on CoinGecko. This listing ensures transparency and visibility, crucial elements in the crypto space.

  • Doxxed Team or KYC Verification or Liquidity locked: The project's team should be publicly known (doxxed) or have completed Know Your Customer (KYC) verification, establishing trust with investors and users. Liquidity must be locked in a smart contract on a blockchain to prevent fraud and ensure stability

  • Having ArkiTech Guardian, Buybot and Chatmate installed: Our partners should work with the ArkiTech products suite.

  • Buy 0.5 ETH minimum Arkitech Ads and hold 0.5 ETH worth of ARKI

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